Centre for Conservation Farming & Research (CCFR)


  • 1) Total 3.88 acre of undulating land with stony soil situated at the bank of river Dwarakeshwar (up Stream), bounded by barbed-wire.
  • 2) Small blocks of ultra-high density orchards of Guava, Lemon, Musambi, Pomegranate, Custard apple, ber, Papaya, Lime, and Mango are planted for experiment. 
  • 3) Apart from above, a few other crops like tamarind, Jamun (Java-palm), Lichi, Sapota, ‘Jamrul’ (water apple), Aonla, Bel & Kayt bel (wood apple), Jack fruits, Dragon fruits, Grapes, Hog-plam (Amra), olive, Banana, Coconut, etc, also planted in small numbers only for trial purpose.
  • 4) Different forest plants (as wind-break) and different bamboos are also planted in suitable places.
  • 5) In addition some plots are prepared and used to cultivate high quality vegetables like Capsicum, Tomato, Baby-corn, Lettuce, Onion, Broccoli, Leek, Coccinia, cauliflower, beans, etc.
  • 6) One gutter-connected bamboo greenhouse for cultivation and one pipe framed round type greenhouse for nursery were constructed.
  • 7) Experiment on sub-surface irrigation and mulching are tried in a cost effective manner.
  • 8) Residential arrangements are also there in a moderate manner.

Future plan

  • 1) Package of technology - Zeroed down experimental results into recommendable package/model of technology for suggested crops.
  • 2) Application of fertilizer and pesticides will be reduced to zero within 3 years. Fertilizer is already minimized by judicial application of organic manure (poultry manure + Cow dung and oil-cake).
  • 3) Vermi-compost will be started using bio-mass collected from pruned forest plants and other sources like weed & crop residue.
  • 4) Bee keeping will also be started immediately.
  • 5) Post-harvest and 1st generation food processing has already started and will be expanded.

Business plan

  • 1) Selection of good farmers around, with 1/3rd acre of such land, will be done to grow selected commercial crops with precision technology for quality production.
  • 2) Started a modern Horticulture Nursery using the plants / crops available in the farm.
  • 3) Arrangement of necessary post-harvest management and/or processing facility.
  • 4) Market the produce with necessary brand name.
  • 5) Home-stay facility with environment & farming exposure to be provided on price.

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